Classification of terminal blocks

Terminals can be divided into: WUK terminal block, European terminal block series, plug-in terminal block series, transformer terminal block, building wiring terminal, fence type terminal block series, spring type terminal block series, rail type terminal block series, wear Wall terminal series, optocoupler type terminal block series, 110 terminal, 205 terminal, 250 terminal, 187 terminal, OD2.2 ring terminal, 2.5 ring terminal, 3.2 ring terminal, 4.2 ring terminal, 2 ring Terminal, 6.4 ring terminal, 8.4 ring terminal, 11 ring terminal, 13 ring terminal flag series terminal and sheath series, various ring terminals, tubular terminals, terminal blocks, copper strip (2-03 , 4-03, 4-04, 6-03, 6-04) and so on. Currently the most widely used are PCB board terminals, hardware terminals, nut terminals, and spring terminals.

The plastic insulation and conductive parts of the terminals are directly related to the quality of the terminals, which determine the insulation and electrical conductivity of the terminals. Failure of any of the terminals will result in failure of the entire system engineering. Needless to say in this regard, there are many warning cases, and the small series is not one case. As a precision operation accessory product, the quality of the motion control terminal is always concerned by the customer, and how to effectively check and prevent it becomes a topic of concern.


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