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Our company has a long history in China to produce cnc precision machining parts factory direct sale precision connector customized cutting iron precision connector factory direct sale cnc machining parts Free cutting iron precision connector for adaptor, we are a professional and trustworthy manufacturer.Our team has a good professional quality and a strong sense of responsibility.It is our factory's duty to providing high quality Free cutting iron precision connector for adaptor products and in reasonable price.Due to the ability of producing high quality products, we have the confidence of improving our customers' business.For products, besides quality, you are most concerned about service, which is our advantage.May we be long-term partners.

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right here mod lets you use a standard Xbox 360 cable to create a unique VGA cable that might invariably be bought separately. The purpose we are able to hack the average cable in this method is because Microsoft was kind ample to place each pin in the average connector, even ones the cable does not use. commonplace plugs on different programs (principally the PS2 and Gamecube) best have the pins the plug needs.

thank you equipment you'll want:
  • Small pair of tweezers (very effective).
  • metallic cutting pliers, tin snips, some thing along those strains.
  • Soldering iron. A lighter powered, 15 watt range one is most appropriate.
  • Solder... WITH lead works superior. We comprehend that sounds lousy but it surely'll help you "convert" the lead-free solder inside the Xbox connector and make it lots less complicated to work with.
  • Multimeter, with circuit trying out alternative. The type the place in case you touch both probes it beeps to indicate a connection.
  • hot glue. Oh yeah, this is right! don't leave home devoid of it.
  • Small, skinny flat-bladed screwdrivers, a bigger flat-bladed screwdriver.
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Desoldering iron (not obligatory, see directions).
  • Dremel (not obligatory, see guidance).
  • where is the "components i would like" section, you ask? we'll cowl them in particular afterward, counting on which class of VGA cable you'd like to construct. (Breakout field, as shown, or straight VGA cable based.)

    okay let's get going on this sucker.

    Step 1 - Take aside Your Xbox 360 Video Cable

    The Xbox 360's video cable assembly doesn't use screws but luckily it be still fairly convenient to take apart. right here's how:

  • Insert a small, skinny screwdriver on the seam proven in the above photo.
  • Press in and against the label (additionally as shown) to get across the inner lip.
  • once you breach the lip you'll want to hear a crack. you're in!
  • Make a few more breaches like this next to each other, then insert a bigger screwdriver as shown below. Twist it and the casing should pop open properly.
  • subsequent, insert the huge screwdriver on the seam near the main cable, and twist the case open at this area as neatly. which you could now pull off the bottom portion of the plastic, after which pull the guts out of the top element. The "television / HDTV" switch will fall out at this aspect, reserve it if you ever plan to revert the cable to its common form (which is fitting less and less probably as this progresses). Use your small screwdriver to pry up the steel near the television/HDTV change, as shown under. Now pry the steel up and correct off the optical audio jack, and bend it down on the appropriate aspect, as proven beneath. that you could now pull the leading piece of protecting steel up away from the leisure of the jack. Snip the protective freed from the leading cable the use of your metal cutters. Now you'll want to come throughout a chunk of fabric that appears amazingly like electrical tape. (don't worry, we're certain or not it's certified next-generation electrical tape.) get rid of it and the jack should now look like the below image. On the left you could see the little circuit board containing the optical audio port and television/HDTV swap, on the correct is the connector itself with all of the wires going to it. next we deserve to eliminate the circuit board from the metal. it's held down by way of three tabs. you can desolder the tabs with a desoldering iron, or wedge your small screwdriver under the board and pry up as you heat the tabs with the commonplace iron. given that everything on the Xbox 360 uses that lead-free solder, it may assist to mix some sparkling (ahem leaden) solder onto joints to aid them melt. once you get to the facet with 2 tabs (near the television / HDTV change) you'll should snip the metallic protective freed from the cables before you pry up the PCB.
  • as soon as the circuit board has been desoldered from the tabs that you could unplug the little connector on it and pull it from the leading assembly.
  • finally, take your thin screwdriver and stick it between the black plastic and the thin exact shielding as shown under. (Sorry the image's somewhat blurry, bigfoot musta been nearby.) Pry the metal up a little and you will be capable of pull the black plug out from the defensive. make certain to save this piece of protecting for later.
  • The plug pieces may still now look like right here. finally, reduce the conclusion component off the metallic protecting and lay down some electric powered tape inside it as proven beneath: Step 2 - Make the wiring connectionsBefore we delivery making the wiring connections you're going to deserve to cautiously eradicate the glue stuff masking the pins, as shown under. Use your tweezers and make certain no longer to pull the clean pins up with the gunk. in the event that they do bend up, readily push them lower back down. The glue is fairly handy to eradicate. With the glue eliminated that you would be able to remove all the wires from the plug. conveniently heat up the solder on every wire unless it without problems pulls free. at the present be sure you put a small little bit of clean, new solder on each and every of the pins. this could make attaching new wires plenty easier.

    shown beneath is the end view of the now wireless plug and a drawing of which pins we are going to be the usage of for this VGA mod. bear in mind this pinout refers back to the WIRE conclusion of the plug, looking at it from in the back of because it would go into the console. The numbering might look slightly weird but it refers to how the connections are labeled on the 360's motherboard.

    notice how each pin is both lengthy or brief, and practically each different pin goes to floor (GND)

    earlier than we go any extra, right here's the wire-end view pinout of a VGA port. Pins that we don't need for this assignment are readily called N/C (no connection). Most VGA-category ports even have the pin numbers etched into the plastic for your delivered reference.

    down load a big PDF version of those pinouts, correct for framing.

    for the reason that we'll delivery re-attaching the wires to the connector, you should now decide what kind of VGA cable you would want to build...

  • Breakout container category adapter. As shown initially of this text. Requires buying a few components (the aforementioned seven bucks worth) however is extra advantageous ultimately.
  • Single cable coming off the Xbox. For this that you can use an ancient VGA cable. Slice off the laptop end of the plug so that you can join the wires at once to the Xbox 360 video connector. you're going to additionally need some left and correct audio cables, plus a yellow cable if you'd nonetheless just like the option of using composite video.
  • figure out which is greatest for you (i recommend the breakout container 'trigger it's cooler, but it really is just me) and use the instructions under:formulation 1: Soldering wires to the connector port for a straight VGA cable (variety of like the one which prices $40 at top-quality buy)ingredients you are going to need:
  • 2 place selector swap (if you want the cable to swap modes). you could use the Radio Shack Catalog #275-409, or simply desolder the swap from interior the Xbox component cable.
  • Left and correct RCA phono plug audio cables, similar to those from a stereo device. you are going to need these because the VGA plug would not elevate audio. if you plan to just use the optical audio, we will describe a way to wire it within the breakout field section.
  • Yellow composite (crap) video RCA phono plug cable. you will handiest need this if you desire the cable to switch modes. a very good supply for both this and the audio cables are historic PS1, N64 or GameCube cables.
  • What to do:
  • bring to a halt the computer conclusion of the VGA cable if you haven't already. Strip the main coating off to demonstrate the wires internal. The leading connections you are going to need are purple, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync. They can also or may additionally no longer be color coded. H and V sync may be a shade of white. Put a little solder on every wire to preserve the strands collectively. this can additionally aid when attaching it to the Xbox connector.
  • the usage of the multimeter, examine which wires within the cable go to the proper pins on the conclusion of the VGA cable and attach them to the Xbox connector therefore. (Use the above VGA pinout for reference.) Please notice, they may be several wires inner the VGA cable that you may not should connect to the Xbox, such as the data lines used for computer screen id detection. (Labeled N/C within the pinout drawing.)
  • all of the shielding around the wires you discover inside the cable is ground. additionally word that lots of the pins on the VGA connector are ground.
  • Solder the wires from the VGA cable to the Xbox 360 connector the use of the pinouts offered to healthy up the indicators. that you can connect all the VGA floor defensive to a single ground spot on the Xbox connector to make it more convenient on yourself.
  • Strip the ends of the audio cables to exhibit the internal wires and copper defensive. attach the internal wires to the left and correct audio spots on the Xbox connector (pins 16 and 15) and the outer defensive to any floor.
  • when you are attaching a composite video choice, strip and fix the composite (yellow) video cable within the identical method to pin 7 of the Xbox connector.
  • The selector change (either the Radio Shack mannequin or the one from the connector itself) has 3 leads on it. connect the middle cause ground and the aspect results in pins 20 and 24 on the Xbox connector. The switch can now "floor out" one of those two connections to set the video mode. Pulling pin 20 to ground units the Xbox to VGA mode, putting 24 to floor units it to composite.
  • in case you do not desire the cable to opt for a video mode and just be VGA, join pin 20 to any ground. This can also be achieved with the aid of with ease blobbing solder from it to pin 18 or 22 (they're each floor)
  • word: You have to choose a mode regardless, if you do not the Xbox may not boot and you'll get 4 crimson lights as a "Video Cable missing" warning. (abnormal that three lights is worse than 4, but whatever thing.)
  • which you can now insert the black plastic Xbox connector back into the metal shielding we removed previous and plug every little thing in to peer if it works. (See "environment the Xbox to VGA", beneath.) when you have an issue, take a look at the Troubleshooting section on the conclusion of the 2: Making a VGA/Composite Breakbox BoxParts you're going to want:
  • Breakout container. I used Radio Shack Catalog # 270-1802 cause it became the smallest and least expensive.
  • D-sub 15 female connector (VGA port). Radio Shack Catalog #: 276-1502, Digi-Key: T815FE-ND Mouser: 523-G17S1510110EU when you've got an historical computer video card you can desolder one off that if you want. however a new one is relatively low cost and simple to make use of.
  • 2 place selector switch, if you desire the field to swap modes. you could use the Radio Shack Catalog #275-409 or simply desolder the switch from inner the Xbox component cable.
  • 3 RCA phono jacks, for the audio and composite video. here is the type discovered on the returned of DVD players. Radio Shack Catalog #274-346, Digi-Key: CP-1413-ND (red) CP-1414-ND (white) CP-1415-ND (yellow) Mouser: 161-4319-E. As with the VGA port you may additionally have some ancient electronics you can pull these off.
  • Shielded wires from inner the Xbox video cable.
  • Some standard thin wire. ancient floppy/IDE force cable works tremendous and is, better of all, free. Free is first rate -- it saves you money for issues that aren't. Like red meat jerky.
  • Standoff screws from a computer. These are the class with a "screw inside a screw" that are often used under the motherboard.
  • Some drill bits. Sizes of 1/8th, 3/8th, and 1/4th-inch can be advantageous.
  • enterprise web sites:

    through slicing open your Xbox video cable. get rid of the main steel protective to discover the individual shielded wires interior:

    The shielded wires from the Xbox 360 cable, or as I call them "Buck Rogers Spaghetti."

    These will work high-quality for the interior wiring of the breakout box. reduce every wire to about 6-inches long for now, we will trim them shorter later as necessary. you are going to want eight of them.

    start by using sliding off one of the most shielding and stripping the end of the internal wire. Dab somewhat of solder onto it to lock the entire strands together - this is referred to as "tinning" and should make soldering it to the connector a good deal more straightforward. that you could additionally put a little solder on the end of the protective to hold it from fraying aside.

    Solder a shielded wire to every of the following pins on the Xbox connector, or a daily thin wire as referred to. Attaching them within the order targeted works optimal, or reverse when you are left surpassed.

    proper of connector:

  • purple (pin three)
  • Composite video (pin 7)
  • Horizontal Sync (pin 11)
  • appropriate audio (pin 15) -- shielding now not basic
  • Optical audio facts (pin 25) -- use a daily thin wire for this.
  • Optical audio ground (pin 27) -- normal wire
  • Optical audio +5v (pin 29) -- ordinary wire
  • bottom of connector:
  • eco-friendly (pin 4)
  • Blue (pin eight)
  • Vertical sync (pin 12)
  • Left audio (pin 16) -- defensive not elementary
  • Set VGA (pin 20) -- usual wire
  • Set Composite (pin 24) -- ordinary wire
  • When every thing is wired the connector may still appear as shown beneath: Now that you would be able to slide the black Xbox connector inner the steel protecting. be certain there is a layer of electric powered tape inside in case any connections hit the steel shell.

    Step 3 - install ports to your Breakout container

    With the wires soldered to the connector we are able to get the breakout box itself ready.

  • Set the connector in opposition t the lid of the box and hint the define of it together with your knife. About 1/four of ways from the facet is most desirable, as shown under.
  • cut out the hole the usage of both a Dremel or by way of making a couple of deep cuts with an X-Acto knife and then "popping" the form out through pressing on it with a screwdriver.
  • The lid of the assignment box with the trapezoid connector hole.
  • Stick the connector through the gap and notice the way it suits. regulate the hole as necessary. check this rig through plugging into the Xbox 360 and adjusting the lean of the lid to the curve of the Xbox, as shown.
  • once it matches wholly into the Xbox 360, put some scorching glue (yes!) on the inside of the lid to quickly secure the connector in vicinity. (do not fret about the hot glue, your 360 is utterly aware of heat.) as soon as it's cool and secure, eradicate the whole shebang from the XBox.
  • On the backside of the leading element of the container carve and cut a hole for the VGA port. as soon as the hole's large satisfactory stick in the port and drill 1/8th" holes in the plastic to in shape its mounts. Then that you could screw in some normal computer motherboard-vogue screws to hang down the VGA port, identical to on a pc. For delivered security screw on somes nuts on the internal (or simply dump in a bunch of sizzling glue if there isn't a room for that).
  • Drill (3) 3/8th-inch holes for the audio and video RCA ports. area them evenly.
  • be certain to retain these ports on the aspect of the container faraway from the Xbox 360 connector. That manner you understand they may be ample room inner.
  • Desolder the optical audio port from the small circuit board from the connector. it can aid to "freshen up" the solder first earlier than you are attempting to eradicate it.
  • Make a square hole for the port on the contrary aspect of the field from the VGA port. This will also be performed by means of drilling a 1/4th-inch hole after which carving corners from it.
  • Insert the optical port as proven beneath. The pinouts of the 3 middle pins are also provided for in the event you attach it to the leading connector. the two facet tabs of the optical port don't deserve to be related.
  • secure the optical port the use of... get this... scorching glue! howdy, it really works.
  • The enterprise end of the optical audio port. We in reality believe it's referred to as a TOSlink however optical audio port sounds extra... um, normal. TOSlink sounds like some dude from Lord of the Rings.
  • Drill a hole between the optical port and the audio ports that will fit the shaft of the selector change. A 3/8th-inch hole will work for the Radio Shack switches outlined above, or a a little bit smaller one when you are the use of the swap from inside the connector itself.
  • install the switch the usage of yet extra sizzling glue. Of course be careful now not to cover the three pins of the change. notwithstanding it can be near the Xbox connector this change is never huge enough to cause a space problem.
  • The inner of the breakout box should still now appear to be this, provide or take 5 kilos of scorching glue. As which you can see I've wired the grounds of all the ports together. we can now wire the Xbox connector to the quite a few ports on the breakout container using the pinout charts discovered a couple of stories above. Some notes:
  • location the items of the field collectively as proven and start by using wiring up the optical port. cut the wires as brief as which you could so it be convenient to stuff every thing within the field.
  • join floor to the center pin of the three pin selector swap, pin 20 of the Xbox connector to at least one facet, and then pin 24 to the different. This allows the switch to choose between VGA and composite modes.
  • connect audio (pins 15 and 16) and composite video (pin 7) to the middle pins of the RCA ports next. The outer rings of the RCA ports should all hook up with floor.
  • After wiring the RCA ports cowl the connections with electric powered tape. This keeps them from shorting out on the entire protective around the leading VGA wires.
  • talking of that, connect the 5 VGA wires next. purple, eco-friendly, blue, H-Sync and V-Sync. determine the above VGA port pinout for reference.
  • you can now close up the box. Smush the halves collectively, arranging the wires as you go to make certain everything will fit.
  • Screw the case shut -- you are accomplished!
  • Step 4 - surroundings the XBox to VGA
  • good enough, plug within the breakout box, or cable, or whatever thing you ended up making, to your video display / VGA-enabled television and Xbox.
  • be sure the selector swap is to "VGA" (pin 20 grounded)
  • switch your whole stuff on. remember to see the Xbox boot up (it might take a hair longer than average). If now not, skip forward to Troubleshooting.
  • once you're in, go to Dashboard, then goto the device blade and hit "Console Settings", and "reveal"
  • which you can now choose a resolution and point ratio to fit your monitor. The 360 works most reliable with widescreen shows besides the fact that children that you could still make it work with square screens as well. surprisingly sufficient it is going to letterbox the game whilst the dashboard and message panels will take in the entire screen. bizarre, huh?
  • Boot up Gears of war or any other extraordinary searching online game and drool 50% more than normal.
  • just consider -- now you could be in a position to examine the text in dead Rising.

    Addendum - Troubleshooting

    Oh noes! You adopted all the instructions but anything isn't somewhat right - is it any of right here accidentally?

  • four purple lights (but not of dying). seeing that we've all heard of the dreaded "3 lights of dying" a whopping four lights may cause speedy heart failure. however don't agonize, or not it's in fact just a "Video Cable lacking" warning. assess that the Pin 20 and 24 connections are correct. If neither of them are switched to floor the Xbox would not be aware of what video mode to use and assumes there isn't any cable at all.
  • Inversed, Andy Warhol-esque colorations. Suddendly the lifeless or Alive girls all have blue skin... Anime? a wierd STD? Nope, you simply got your some of your RGB wires mixed up. Now we wager you are glad you did not slather the entire connections in scorching glue yet - correct?
  • Ghosting. if you see some ghosting of pictures on the monitor you likely have inadequate shielding. be sure all of the defensive is linked to a ground someplace. in case you use a decent VGA cable this in reality is just not a problem, until you are living in the Bermuda Triangle or whatever.
  • Optical audio problems. make sure you've got the ground, +5v and facts pins wired to the connector appropriately. Is the Xbox set to output this category of signal?
  • very well smartly sorry if this how-to seemed just a little lengthy, we just wanted to be sure you knew exactly what to do. appreciate your sparkling new, crisp, hello-def, existence-like (insert your personal superlative right here) video!


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