Metal stamping and metal processing are the heroes of China's national economic development

Metal stamping parts, the modern industrial society, the metal stamping parts industry is developing rapidly. The metal stamping parts industry has played an inestimable role in the development of China's national economy. The metal stamping parts have also become an indispensable industrial link in industrial manufacturing.


Traditional hardware products are also called ""small hardware"". It refers to appliances made of gold, silver, iron, copper, and tin. Modern hardware has a wide meaning. It is a general name for various types of metal products, including iron, copper, aluminum, metals, and metal or alloy materials. After forging, rolling, cutting, Various metal stamping parts manufactured by physical processing, etc., metal stamping parts are widely used in consumer electronics parts industry.

Dongguan Fortuna commits to provide high-quality metal stamping parts and CNC machined parts to customers worldwide. If you have any questions about our company, you are welcome to contact us! We are looking forward to collabrating with you!


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