Structural Design Principles of Stamping progressive die

Stamping die is the mother of the industry. I believe this sentence is familiar to everyone. The importance of stamping die is increasingly recognized by people. Stamping die design and stamping die manufacturing technology has made great progress.

Let's master together, what are the principles of stamping die structure design?

a. Try to choose a mature mold structure or standard structure.
b. The mold must have sufficient rigidity to meet the requirements of life and accuracy.
c. The structure should be as simple and practical as possible, and it must have reasonable economics.
d. It can be conveniently fed, the operation should be simple and safe, and the product is easy to flow out.
e. The positioning of mold parts should be accurate and reliable, and the connection should be firm.
f. To facilitate the processing of mold parts.
g. The structure of the stamping die should be coordinated with the existing stamping equipment.
h. The stamping die is easy to install and easy to replace the wearing


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