Technical breakthrough- tinny conector terminals

Patrial Au plated male terminals ( Dia 0.7mm) and Partial Au plated female terminals ( Dia 1.15mm).

At Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co., Ltd., we have been pursuing technological innovation and efficiency improvement. These two connector terminals we developed this year have a very small diameter and the entire product is nickel plated. In order to save plating costs, single-sided gold plating is used in the functional area to increase the conductivity of the product. The product roundness tolerance is +/- 0.03mm. At present, this technique is very competitive in metal stamping filed.


As we all know,the connector terminal is a component that our electronic engineering technicians often contact. Its function is very simple: build a bridge of communication between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current flows and the circuit realizes the predetermined function. Connector terminals are indispensable components in electronic equipment. Observe the path of current flow, you will always find one or more connector terminals. The form and structure of connector terminals are ever-changing. With different application objects, frequency, power, application environment, etc., there are various types of connector terminals. For example, connector terminals for lighting on courts and hard drives. The principle is to ensure that current flows smoothly and reliably. The connection is not limited to current. In the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, in the optical fiber system, the carrier for transmitting signals is light. Glass and plastic replace the wires in ordinary circuits, but connectors are also required in the optical signal path Terminals, their role is the same.


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